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Lock & Key (The One-Eyed Jacks MC #1) by Cat Porter

Lock & Key

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Grace "Little Sister"Quillen has loved one man. His name was Jake "Dig" Quillen, he was a Club member and after his murder, she leaves the town for fifteen years. When her sister Ruby is in the hospital, she comes back to South Dakota to take care of her son. 
After driving for a while, she decides to stop at a bar and here is where she meets Miller. A guy who made her rethink her self imposed ban on men.  She finds him interesting, attractive and their chemistry is off the charts. They clicked.  

Everything unlocks with you, Grace. Anything good suddenly fits. You're my key. I found you, and I'm not letting you go. Not ever, he said. I've waited too long for you. Let me be your Key.

Miller "Lock" is part of the One-Eyed Jacks MC. They took him in when his brother died. The MC is his only family but once he meets Grace his life gets complicated. She is the Old Lady the Club loved and missed and when the Club wants more from them, they can't say no.

My thoughts:

I love that this couple were more mature and I love the way they meet. It made the first half of the novel perfect. 
I like Grace, her independence, her sassiness and her desire to help her family and the MC, I just didn't like the way she did it. That part of the story line I didn't care for.
Lock was such a strong character in the first part of the book but later on he kept things from her and in a certain scene he disappointed me.
Overall it was a good MC book. 

Cliffhanger: No

3/5 Fangs

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