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Thin Love by Eden Butler

Thin Love
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This is a second chance romance.

Kiera Riley met Kona in college. Kiera was escaping her family home and her bitter mother. She had a plan and her only goal was to be the best she could in school until she could gain her independence. Her father died when she was young and this left an empty hole in her soul.

Kona Hale loved to play football. He also loved easy girls, he didn't want or need a relationship but when he's assigned Kiera as her project partner he was intrigued by this girl with fire in her eyes.

Be my girl, will you, Wildcat?”

Soon they fall in love, but their passion was potent and sometimes they harmed each other. They were happier together but maybe not healthier. 

“I’m not a saint. I’m nowhere close to being good enough for you.”

“Kona, I get the feeling you might end up being my favorite mistake.”

When tragedy strikes, Kiera is left to pick up the pieces of her heart and move on. 

I will haunt you, Kona. When you think of me, see my face, hear my name, you’ll only remember that I loved you. You’ll remember that my love for you was never thin. You’ll remember this moment because it will be the biggest regret of your life.

Years later, they will meet again and this time being both more mature and not as angry as before and with more than love uniting them, it would be impossible to walk away from each other.

 “This time when you walk away, I won’t let
you stay gone. This time, Wildcat, I’ll follow.” 

My thoughts:
Eden knows how to write multidimensional characters. The story is told in third person (usually not my favorite) but it didn't take away from the story. I love how Kona and Kiera fell in love. I hated to see them waste so many years without each other. 

Thin will never be good enough for me.”

Kona made multiple mistakes but I do think he groveled enough. 
I also think anger management is a must for this family. Aggression is never the answer.
The evil mothers in this book were just that, Evil. I hated them both. 
I loved Luka and then Ramson. I even wonder if Ramson will get his own story.
‘I don’t want easy. I want impossible. I want love so thick, I drown in it.’” 
“Keira, come drown with me.”

4/5 "My always" Fangs

Cliffhanger :No

A complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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