Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reed's Reckoning by Ahren Sanders

Reed's Reckoning


Reed Matthews is a famous professional football player. He could have everything he wants but he feels like the one thing he wanted the most is lacking in his life. Reed fell in love with Ari during college, he made plans with her and when she broke his heart he was left with an empty space.

Now, four years later when he sees her again and the son she has, he's determined to win both back.

“Hot, alpha personalities with super jealousy issues.”

Arianna "Ari" Williams was destroyed when Reed left her behind but she had to move on. Her baby needed her and nothing could change that. Her friends have always been there for her and so has her grandmother. Seeing Reed again has made all her dormant feelings rise again. She agrees for him to be in her life but not in her heart.

Too bad she didn't count on "Operation Matthews".

The book started a little slow for me but after a few chapters I was hooked on the story. 

Reed was 100% sure of what he wanted and no one was going to stop him. Multiple times he made it clear to friends, family, acquaintances that Ari was the one and if they didn't approve of her then he was done with them. I love how sweet he was to her and Davis.

“I know guys; this is the craziest shit in my life. But you can’t imagine how it feels. I did my first fatherly function yesterday at the daycare with Davis. The kids were rambunctious, the cookies were stale, but it was the best time of my life. He made me a mug with his handprint, and to me, it’s a treasure of art. Now Ari, she’s another story. Having her back makes my life complete.”

It was easy to love Ari. She was sweet, a good friend and loved her son with all her heart. Reed made her lose all her insecurities. He showed her time and again how dedicated he was to them.

I really like the secondary characters Luke and Jack and I hope each gets a book too.

“I was put on this earth to love you and you finally gave yourself back to me.”

Cliffhanger : No

4/5 Fangs.


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