Saturday, August 9, 2014

Healer (The Healer Series #1) by B.N. Toler

       I don't know how to write a review for this without spoiling the book, so I will probably be a little vague in my review. The first 20 to 30% of the book was a little slow for me. However, the plot involving healers keep me interested enough to push through the slower beginning. Also, the back a forth between the past and present was a little confusing, but I understand why the author did that. 

      "We are in the business of stealing energy. We take from the strong and give it to the weak. Healer Robin Hoods." 

       The book did pick up and it got interesting, so it is definitely worth it to keep going. The relationship between Thomas and Aldo confused me. I wanted to love Thomas, but at the same time, I almost didn't trust him. Thomas was secretive about what he was doing and what he knew about healers. At the same time, he obviously cared for Aldo and got jealous when other men showed her attention. I was constant back and forth between whether I liked Thomas or not. The age difference between Thomas and Aldo kind of turned me off, but the chemistry between them made me almost forget the age difference.

     "He lay me down gently, and climbed on top of me, kissing my thigh, and my stomach, working his way up. I trembled, scared and excited all at once as his hands pressed into me and slowly slid up my body. "

      Once it seemed like Thomas and Aldo were finally going to live happily ever after (I was so excited!), things started getting complicated and confusing. There was a fire, a death, and Thomas disappeared. By this point I was screaming "What?" in complete confusion and frustration. Then, things started to get even more insane. 
     Rhett then comes into the picture. I loved Rhett, but I also loved Thomas, right? Could Aldo trust Rhett? Could she trust Thomas? I needed answers! My heart was so torn. I couldn't decide who to trust and love. Rhett said some amazing things to Aldo that made my heart melt, and they had some serious chemistry. 
     "He catches the top button of my shirt and tugs, forcing me to move into him. I bite my lip and close my eyes.
           "Aldo, I'm in love with you," he whispers in my ear, our faces as close as they can be   
            without touching
      My heartbeat accelerates, and my breathing becomes labored." 

    Thomas did some fishy things, but then again, so did Rhett. I was just as confused as Aldo was. Then, something major happens. I am warning you, your mind will be blown and you will not know what hit you. I was shocked, and I just cannot even wrap my mind around what happened. Be prepared, this book will take you for an emotional journey. I was not able to put the book down! I needed to figure out what was happening. 
     I would recommend that everyone read this book. If the beginning seems slow, trust me when I say that you need to keep reading. The book will pick up and get addicting! Also, I know that everything seems bleak and that nothing is going right for Aldo. You will want to smack her, and you might hate her at points. However, at the end of the book, everything will make sense and you will take back anything you hated about Aldo. I hope I was vague enough, but also intriguing enough that everyone will go and read this book. 

4/5 Fangs

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