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Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter #3) by Vi Keeland

Worth Forgiving

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We met Jackson "Jax" Knight in the last book. He's the half brother of Vince Stone. After finding out that his father Senator Preston Knight has been lying for years, he made a point to distance himself from him. The news reporters are everywhere and he decides to leave the city and fly to New York City to seal his next company deal.  He wants to become a silent partner on the gyms which  Lily St. Claire owns. He is also free to train in the MMA circle, not that he wants to follow into Vince's steps but fighting is something that he has always loved. Meeting Lily makes him realize that maybe happiness is closer than he thinks.
Lily St. Claire lost her father "The Saint", a famous fighter. She was devastated. During this time she let Caden Ralley get close to her. She soon realizes this is a mistake but after two months of breaking up with him, his possessive tendencies are escalating.  Jax seems to be a fresh of breath air she needs to breathe. But, Caden won't stay away and neither is Jax's dad. 

My thoughts:

I love the way H/h meets. It made me laugh.
Lily started being cute, nice, and innocent. Later on, she made me mad. I wanted her to be more aggressive with the Caden issue. She was being bullied, manipulated and stalked. Yet, she kept on minimizing the issue. Then thanks to Caden she gets mad at Jax. Really? you're going to believe the douche and not the guy who has consistently showed you that you should trust him?

“It’s her loss if she doesn’t forgive you, because you’re totally worth forgiving.”

Caden needed to be in prison or an institution with tons of anger management sessions.

Jax Knight was puuuurfect! He was a sexy, smart and finally out of his father's claws. He was worth fighting for. I love that we get glimpses of his relationship with Vince and Nico. The epilogue made me smile. I'm going to miss these guys.

“There’s only two choices with a man.  Forgive him or forget him.  If you can’t do the latter, then you need to forgive him because he’s already stolen your heart.”

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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