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Cash's Fight (The Last Riders #5) by Jamie Begley

Cash's Fight
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I love this book. I love everything about it.
Cash's Fight is about Cash and Rachel's love story. We met Rachel a few books ago. What we know about her is that she has 3 very protective brothers who deal weed. We also know that she is a great shooter (King should know it) and that she volunteers at Church. What we didn't know is that she has always liked Cash. She had a crush on him.
Cash is part of the Last Riders, as previous riders he enjoys the attention of multiple women. He doesn't see eye to eye with Rachel's brothers. One night of passion with Rachel should be easy to forget or so he thought.
Once he hurts Rachel's feelings it will be really hard to get her back and her brothers will not make it easy on him.

“Son, make sure you want her to quit calling because a woman has a breaking point. She’ll stand by you if you kill someone, but when she finally reaches her breaking point, she’s done with you. There’s no getting her heart twice.”

What I like the most of Jamie Begley's books is how the stories are all connected. The more characters she brings the more I want to read about them. Usually, it's the opposite, once an author has too many characters it causes confusion. This is not the case. In my opinion, these books are only getting better.
At the beginning of the book Cash behaved like an arrogant pig and he wasn't very nice to Rachel.

“I bet being an asshole is a prerequisite to being a Last Rider,”

The groveling he did was enough to make me love him by the end. 
(Buddy, I think you needed to buy an alarm clock, just saying....So does Train. I'm glad the compound had an alarm system).

“You broke all the records, Rachel.” His soft voice gave her hope that something more was there. “You’re the youngest girl I’ve ever looked at and wanted. I had to leave town to make sure I didn’t go to jail over you. You’re the woman I’ve wanted the longest. I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you standing on the porch when Lily was lost. You’re the first woman I fucked that I couldn’t walk away and forget with another.”

As secondary characters go:
Shade and Lily- awesome in this one! I love when Lily tells Cash he was being a moron and Shade supports her. 
Love Lucky telling Cheryl to bite the dust. (I still don't get it how she got that many guys votes, especially since the married men are faithful. Enlighten me Jamie.)
Willa- I'm so sad you had to deal with what happened to you, and now your life is more complicated and where was Lucky during your ordeal?
Brooke- you deserve what's coming for you.
Tate- you need your own book after Ice and Lucky. Gosh your rules should rule the world.

Rule number one: no fucking around on Rachel. That means no women in town or those women you got stashed at that clubhouse of yours,” Tate began their demands.
“Rule number two: you can’t lay a hand on her when you’re mad. She can get a man’s temper riled, but you’re not allowed to ever hurt my sister.
“Rule number three: she gets to keep working with her plants and clients. They’re a pain in the ass—you can’t go to the fucking bathroom without having something disgusting growing on the shelf—but they’re important to her.
“Rule number four: you have to start going to church with her. We watched our parents fight about that for years. Rachel wants a man who will sit next to her in church on Christmas Eve.” Tate’s voice was much too chirpy when he voiced this rule. Everyone in town knew Cash’s feelings on attending church.

“Rule five, and it’s the most important to us: if you have kids, you have to let us be involved in their lives. I don’t give a fuck how much you hate us, but you won’t show our nieces or nephews that you do. We keep this personal bullshit between us. Deal?”

Bliss - I hate you. I spent the last 3 days talking bad about you with my other book friends.
Holly- who's your HEA? Greer?
Jo-  I know I already love you. Perhaps Rider will be yours?
Winter- yes, women should support women. You go girl!! Although, house punishments can be a downer.
King- loved your advise to Cash. 
Train- who's your HEA?  Killyama? 

One thing irritates me about the Last Riders men, they protect the easy girls but treat Sex Piston and her friends poorly. They need to stop that and get rid of Bliss (I hate you Bliss!!!!)

“No fucking around on you. I can’t beat you when you piss me off. You get to keep growing weird shit in my bathroom, and have strangers come by. I have to drag my ass out of bed on Sunday mornings to go to church with you, and let them turn my kids against me.”

Cliffhanger: No

I'm suggesting the reading order:

Sex piston
Shade's fall 
Cash's Fight

5 Tate's Rules Fangs!

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