Sunday, July 20, 2014

Teased (The VIP Room #1) by Jamie Begley

Vida's life is in danger and she asks King for help. King protects her but in exchange she becomes one of his club stripper's. Her stage name is Trouble.

When Colton's released from prison, he knows he owes King a debt. As payment King wants him to protect Vida.
Colton tries his hardest to stay away from her, but trouble finds him anyway.

Things I liked about Colton:

He's an alpha.
His association with the MC.
His tattoos.
His loyalty.

I also liked Vida. The reader can believe her friendship with Callie and Sawyer is for lifetime.
She never gives up trying to find her friend.
She also listens to common sense instead of getting herself in harms way.
They made a good couple.
Next is Tainted.
I didn't read this series in order. I think I should have read this before Shade's Fall. Saying that I still enjoy the story.
4/5 Fangs

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