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Shade’s Fall (The Last Riders #4) by Jamie Begley

Shade's Fall
Shade is everything Lily doesn't want in a man. He's rude, obnoxious and he's definitely not a cowboy. The tattooed enforcer for The Last Riders is a mystery Lily doesn't want to solve. He's too much for her to handle, especially with the nightmares from her past constantly threatening her sanity.

Lily is everything Shade wants in a woman. She's sweet, kind and submissive. When she discovers the truth about The Last Riders, it threatens to tear apart every relationship within the club. Her rebellion causes the predatory instincts to rise in the ex Navy SEAL sniper.

When The Last Riders are threatened by another motorcycle club just as determined to claim Lily, Shade is her only hope of surviving the approaching confrontation. Could their passion be Shade's downfall?

My Thoughts:

If you are a fan of the series, then you were looking forward to this story as much as I was. Since the moment Shade met Lily, I knew they needed their HEA.

Shade or John Hunter is an ex-Navy SEAL sniper, he's the enforcer of the Last Riders MC.  He's a dominant and he's can be quite dangerous. He has waited for Lily through the years and after Lily gets hurt he won't wait any longer.

Lily wanted to fall in love with a cowboy. She wanted a simple life, away from all the nightmares she has from her childhood. She loves Beth dearly and she's hurt by Beth and the Club members excluding her from joining the Club's parties. When she realizes what's happening in the Club, she's hurt even more.
Thankfully, Shade and Pastor Dean are there to help her.

Even though, I love Shade and Lily's relationship build up in prior books, I believe this is my least favorite in the series. I did like that the VIP series was connected to the Last Riders and I love that we learned more about Pastor Dean, who needs his own book asap.
Maybe I didn't like this one that much because I read after Sex Piston which was amazing.
I'll read the next book without a doubt.

Favorite Quotes:

“It doesn’t matter what I am or not. I will be the one whose bed you will be in, who puts my ring on your finger, my baby in your belly, and you will let me, Lily.”

“When I kiss you, it’s like touching perfection.” 

“Tonight, I want to hold you in my arms, knowing that you’re taking one breath after another. That when I wake in the morning, your beautiful face will be on the pillow next to mine, and tomorrow night, when I go to bed, you’ll be by my side again. Day after day, night after night.” 

“I love you, John Hunter.”

“Lily, I didn’t know a man could love a woman as much as I love you. I don’t deserve you, but I’m never going to let you go. I couldn’t survive without you in my life. I wouldn’t want to.”

3.5/5 Fangs
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