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More Than Forever (More #4) by Jay McLean

More Than Forever
Jay McLean has done it again. This book is amazing!
I knew Cam and Lucy from the prior books but nothing prepared me for their story. I cried, I laughed, I cried again. I may have left my kindle a couple of times for a few seconds just because I didn't know if I could read the next paragraph.

Cam is an awesome guy. He was there for Lucy from the very beginning.  It just took one look at Lucy for him to know he wanted More. She was it for him. Even at fifteen he was very more mature for his age. He and Lucy took responsibilities neither of them should have needed to have.

Getting to know Lucy at fifteen when her world was falling apart was devastating. I hurt for Lucy.
My idea of Lucy from prior books was of a funny girl, a bookworm, and who doesn't love Drunk Lucy? But this Lucy is completely different. It was an emotional roller coaster for me.
I'm so happy Lucy met Cam when she did. I believe he saved her when she needed saving.

I also love the parent figures in this book as much as I did in prior novels. I'm adding Cam's mom and her boyfriend to my list of favorite parents. Tom, Lucy's dad made a huge mistake but by the end I loved him too.
I think he and Logan's dad need a second chance in love. They are too nice not to have a chance to love again.

Thank you Jay for the opportunity to read this beautiful story.

Favorite Quotes:

"Is your sister… uh… hearing impaired?"
They both let out simultaneous snorts. "No," Lincoln answers, pulling his cap further down his head and looking up at me. His eyes roll as he says, "She's just reading."

"I thought we were friends," she whispers. "Maybe someday, we could have been more."

I should have been her right.

"Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, please return yourself, and all your Good Vibrations, back to your office. There's a beautiful girl sitting at your desk. No need for alarm. Apparently she's just here to sniff around."

"You make my world stop, Lucy."

"You, Cameron.You changed. You came into my life and you healed me.You made me feel alive again."

"Lucy makes me punchy."

"Good," I respond, and then inhale a huge breath. "Because I'm kind of in love with you, Lucy."

"Okay, so after Penisgate… I got to thinking… and I think you're right—about being ready… emotionally. I don't think I am yet."

"I don't think anything can ever get in the way of our love. Ever."

"Because it's eternal, the rise and fall of the sun. It'sforever. Just like us."

"I love you, Cameron," she whispers.
"Forever, Luce. I love you, forever."

"I love you, Lucy. I'll always love you, even if you don't know it. So… even if forever isn't eternal, I promise to love you for our forever."
I try to sniff back my sobs, but it doesn't work. "And what happens if our forever is short? What if something happens?"
He kisses my softly, for so long, that I almost forget why I'm crying. He pulls away, but not enough that his lips leave mine. "Then I will love you, for our forevermore."

"Because he's Cameron. And you’re Lucy. You're team Luca. You guys are forever. If you two can't make it work, then we're all screwed."

"To claiming your girls, owning them and making them yours."

Because I think I've always loved her.

And forever.

5/5 Fangs
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