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Craving Absolution (The Aces #3) by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Absolution
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Farrah Miller has had a terrible life so far. She has endured abused in the hands of her own mother and lost the man she loved, Echo. She had a period in her life where she was self-destructive until her best friend Callie needed her. Now, she has put herself through school and she is good at her job. She is also very good at ignoring her feelings for Callie's brother Cody.

Cody “Casper” Butler is a smart man. He has a high IQ and has been in private schools since he was eight. When his sister is hurt he joins the Aces MC and never looks back, leaving his Yale future behind. After a bullet almost kills him, he decides to stop waiting for Farrah to admit her feelings for him. He goes looking for her and he needs to convince her that together they make sense.

The road to happiness is never easy.

I was glad that Cody and Farrah's story begins where Craving Redemption ends. We skip Farrah's teenager years, including falling in love with Echo. Yes, there is some back story but it is not overdone.

We met Cody in the last two books and he has been there for Brenna and for his sister Callie. Now, it's his chance at happiness. There were times when he drove me a little nuts but for the most part he was a great hero. His love for "Ladybug" felt real to me.
After meeting Farrah in the last book I wasn't too excited about learning more about her. I thought she was selfish but I was wrong. Nicole Jacquelyn made me like her and I think she is my favorite girl in this series. She was so sweet to Cameron. She had this attitude of confidence but was really fragile, allowing only the people who loved her to see her true self.
The epilogue killed me. I'm dying for the next book.

My favorite Quotes:

“You gut me,”

“Because I would do anything to keep you safe.” He leaned down, pressing my hands into the bed, and kissed me hard. “Even if you hate me for it.”

 “You come first, Ladybug, you and our children. Always.”

“I’ve got two kids out here, handsome. I don’t have the luxury of waiting for the cavalry.”

4/5 Ladybug Fangs

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