Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bedroom Games (Games #4) by Jessica Clare

Bedroom Games
Kandis Thornton is joining the reality TV show House Guest. She is determined to win the money to help her mother get out of debt. Kandis is a Zumba instructor and doesn't make much so she is in desperate need of it.

Brodie Short is joining the game as well. Everyone, remembers him from a prior reality TV show where he made the audience mad by backstabbing his sister.

Kandis is not thrilled to have Brodie as her partner, especially since he seems to be charming all the other girls in the house and this is upsetting her because she comes to realize that she wants his attention.

In the end only one can be the winner.

I have come to love this series by Jessica Clare. They are fun, happy readings with very little angst. This book is not any different. I was rooting for Brodie. He was funny, charming and sexy.

“It’s you and me always, or no deal.”

“You and me,” I breathed. “Always. That sounds pretty good.”

4/5 Fangs
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