Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sizzle by Sarah O'Rourke

William “Devil” Delancy loves his grandmother. The woman who has raised him and helped him become the confident and successful business man he is.
When she becomes ill, he hurriedly runs to her side. His grandmother wants him to marry before she dies. He seizes the opportunity to grab what he really wants and this is no one else but Molly.
Convincing Molly is the difficult part.

Molly Ramsey has known Devil all her life. He helped her when she needed a new beginning, offering her a job as his assistant.
Devil drives her insane with all the passing through women he dates, but if she was being honest with herself she would have to admit her attraction to him.
Molly has been hurt before and the last thing she needs is to fall for someone like Devil.
Devil will have to prove he's trustworthy.

My thoughts:
Devil was not what I imagined. I thought he was going to be reckless and egoistical.  He was neither. He was thoughtful and patient (even when I was loosing my patience with Molly!) .
He proved himself to me more than once.

Can't say the same thing about Molly. I got irritated with her constant attempts to push Devil away. In the beginning, I understood why she was so resistant to be with him but the more Devil talked to her the more I disagreed with her. The man never lied and he was willing to accommodate her every desire.
I was glad when Molly decided to take a walk on the wild side.

In regards to the secondary characters, I liked Molly's brother, her girlfriends and Devil's grandmother.

4/5 Fangs


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