Monday, July 7, 2014

Finally Us (True Love #3) by Harper Bentley

Finally Us
Finally Us is the conclusion of El and Jag's story.
The beginning of the book deals with their separation and the aftermath of Jag's injury. They are living in different cities and El is thinking of moving forward and starting to date again. I'm glad the name of the book has finally in it or I would've been very worried.

I  can honestly say that I still love Jag in the last book. He knew he wanted El in his life. He also figured out how he hurt her before and he won't be making any of those mistakes again.
His career also moves in the right direction. For once it seems like they could have their happy ending.

Trying to convince El is a different story.

El disappointed me at some point. She wasn't sure about Jag's loyalty and she gets herself into a mess by giving the time of the day to Austin, another ball player.
Trusting Jag was never her strong suit but I think it was about time she did.

In the end, I was happy where the story finished and I loved the epilogue.

I'll miss you Jag......Forever and a day.

“It’s you, El. Always. Always been you. “

4/5 Fangs
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