Monday, July 14, 2014

Body Games (Games #5) by Jessica Clare

Body Games
Annabelle Tucker is asked to join the Endurance Island Reality TV show. She only agrees because of the money they offered her. The last time she was there, she was portrayed as a dumb easy girl being used by Kit, her partner.
This time she vows things will be different. She won't get romantically involved with anyone and she will try to win and make sure Kit gets sent off the island before she does.

Jendan Abercrombie lost the recent House Guests season.  He came in second and didn't get the girl either. It seems that nice guys don't win in the end.
When he meets Annabelle, he feels a connection with her. He wants to win but apparently being a nice guy is hard to stop mainly because Kit is such a douchebag to Annabelle.

Annabelle tries hard not to fall for Jendan but things get complicated.

My thoughts:

Annabelle was determined to win. She plays the game the best way she can and she does whatever she needs. She schemes and manipulates. I liked her. She was in survival mode and Kit was so awful the whole time. He deserved much more than what he got.

I liked Jendan from Bedroom Games. He was a nice guy and he didn't change in this novel. If anything I liked him more this time around.
4/5 Fangs
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