Sunday, July 13, 2014

Archer's Voice (A Sign of Love) by Mia Sheridan

Archer's Voice

Bree Prescott runs aways from her past and lands in a little town in Maine. She has run away from her life but she can't get rid of the devastation which follows her.
Her nightmares don't stop until she meets Archer Hale. Someone who seems to need help more than she does.

"They don't know who you are, Archer. They have no idea. And they don't deserve to know. Don't let their judgment hurt you."

Archer is living a life of a hermit. He seems to be an enigma who no one is trying to decipher until Bree comes to town. The more Bree learns about Archer the more she wants to spend time with him. Archer is the reason her demons go away, now it's her turn to help him deal with his.

As a Sagittarius, I was looking forward to reading this book especially since a lot of my book friends loved it.
From the moment I started reading it I was sucked into the story. Archer was so easy to love. He was honest, selfless, sweet and so freaking awesome to Bree.
Bree helped him open up and he blossoms just in front of your eyes. His weaknesses only added to his appeal.

"he inspired women to want to cuddle him and then lick him"

I think Mia Sheridan did an awesome job creating these characters and telling their love story. The epilogue will be forever one of my favorites.

 "I Bree you

 I Archer you. God, I Archer you so much."

5/5 "I'm here for you" Fangs

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