Sunday, July 20, 2014

King (The VIP Room #3) by Jamie Begley

This is Evie and King's story.

Evie is one of the original women in The Last Riders's club. She sleeps around and she enjoys their company. However, she is hiding her past. Only a few are privy to her past and she would like to keep it this way.

King is Lily's Dad and also the King of Queen City. He has legal and illegal businesses. After getting hurt trying to help Lily, he ends up needing help from Beth and later on Evie to change his dressings.
King thinks he can get Evie to open up about Shade and the MC. Shade wants Evie to get close to King.

One of the two will win in the end.

My thoughts:

I like King a lot. He has helped Sawyer and Vida before. He has a good heart despite being in illegal dealings. I liked him even better in this one. I think Jamie humanized him a great deal and I was pleased with his character.
I'm not going to lie, Evie was not my favorite character. I thought she was rude at times and King should have just walked away from her. He deserved better.

In regards to the secondary characters:
Beth and Razer are still sweet together and when Sex Piston talks to Razer, my heart broke a little bit.
I'm glad Lucky is back but I'm sad to see Pastor Dean's gone. I know Penni and Jackal need a book and Train and Killyama. I wonder if Brooke will create more problems for the MC.
I'm committed to this series and I'm excited about Cash and Rachel being next.

3.5/5 Fangs
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