Saturday, December 28, 2013

Room For You (Cranberry Inn #1) by Beth Ehemann

Room For You


Kacie Jensen is a mother of twin girls. Her husband left her and her babies four years ago.  She is devastated and when her world crashes she goes where she can get the support she needs her mother's Inn.  Kacie's life is just ok.  She misses having a companion but at the same time, she doesn't want to do anything in regards to romance. She is dedicated to her girls and working at the Inn.

When a storm hits the area, the Cranberry Inn gets a few new house guests. One of them is none other than Brody (Michael) Murphy.
Brody is a hockey player. He was visiting his family when the storm hits and has to stop at the Inn when his car gets stuck. His dog is with him. He can't believe his luck when he knocks on the door and a beautiful woman answers. The sparks between Kacie and Brody can turn into a full-blown fire.

“I cleaned up okay, huh? On a scale from one to ten-” 
“Six hundred fifty-two.” 

They get along well and after a few days, there is definitely potential for so much more. However, Kacie has to think about her girls first.

Can this relationship work when they lived miles apart?

I loved this story. I loved both characters. The dual POV helps tremendously getting to know them and giving them life.
Brody was funny, sweet, romantic and gorgeous. He fell in love with Kacie and her 2 girls almost from the beginning.

"The girls are five. They have you to be their good role model. They want someone who will stomp around in the mud with them and let them stay up late and eat junk food when you’re not home. They need someone fun. Sounds like you do too."

I was rooting for Kacie the whole book. She deserves to be happy and Brody is exactly what she needs.

“Look in my eyes. Yes, you can. You said you trusted me, now come on. Jump in puddles with me.”

This sweet story has become one of this year's favorites. I'm hoping they can find their happily ever after soon.
As secondary characters go, the mothers of this couple are just perfect. They are both supportive and super sweet. Ryan's relationship with his mother was touching. Kacie's friends Lauren and Alexa were fun too. Now, Andy (agent/friend) needs his own book with a nicer woman because Blaire is a horrible witch.

Don't miss out on reading this. This debut novel is a must.

“You. Amaze. Me.” 

5/5 Fangs

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