Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fallen by Julie Morgan
Chronicles of the Fallen, #1


At the beginning of Fallen, Lisa Adams is having a great day. She was just hired into a large PR agency. She is over the moon. Fast forward five years and Lisa is comfortable in her life. Her job is excellent and she has everything she wants except a boyfriend to share the success with.

She suddenly starts getting the attention of her boss. He seems to be looking at her differently. This is also the time that the weird dreams and hallucinations start happening.

As her life is not complicated enough, she meets her gorgeous new neighbor. Those blue eyes are calling her name. She feels so safe with him. Who will she choose? One is dark and one is light.

I love books that have to do with angels and demons. Sometimes I like the demons better. At the beginning of the book, I like Samuel but when Alex was introduced I jumped ship. The book has great descriptions. At times, I felt sad for Alex but I think I feel worse for Samuel. I want him to be redeemable. The end left me wanting to read more about these characters and their fate.

3/5 Fangs

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