Sunday, December 29, 2013

Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon

Must Love Otters
Hollie Porter has had it! She is tired of her job, tired of her 2 year old- going no where relationship, tired of not being able to say no.
When her dad offers her a chance to escape her current life for a few days at a resort, she says yes in a heartbeat. You see, Hollie works as a 911 operator and she has been having a hard time with the ones who don't survive. Her boyfriend is more worried about medical tv shows than keeping the spark alive.  Her neighbor sends her to do her shopping constantly. She needs a new venue and Revelation Cove in British Columbia may be what the doctor ordered.  Hollie thinks a few days away will help her find herself again.

Her first time meeting Concierge Ryan is over the phone. She is drunk while trying to confirm her reservation.

“Yeah, that’s what Ridley says. He’s the bartender. He’s totally hot. But he’s gay.” Ridley winks at me and laughs under his breath. “Ryan—wait—are you gay? Because you sound hot. And you should see Ridley. He looks like The Rock. Not quite that big …” Ridley flexes his tattooed bicep. Kisses it. “Still, smokin’ hot. I’d do him. But he doesn’t want me because I’m not battin’ for the right team.”
 “Ridley sounds amazing, but sadly, no, I’m straight.”

During this process she ends up revealing a lot of her current predicaments.

“I’m totally serious here. He made nachos on my stomach. He thought it would be sexy or some shit. ’Cept he burned my boobs with hot sauce.” 

The second time she meets him she thinks she will die in a plane crash but luckily this bearded hot guy is a good pilot.
Ryan is an ex hockey player. After a knee injury he retires to Canada. His life is much simpler and he loves what he does. Every time Hollie gets in trouble he is there to help her or pick up the pieces. He can't seem to get enough from this otter lover.

“You and your otters … Enhydra lutris.”
 “You remembered!” 
“How could I forget? You’ve tattooed it on my heart.” 

This book is very funny. It reminded me of Tangled. Witty banter with comic relief. Hollie seems to get in trouble constantly. You can almost picture her during her ordeals. It's one of those books that you want to watch the movie too.

I wonder if this is the end for these characters or we will see more of them.  I already miss them.

“This, Hollie Porter, this is our raft. We are a raft.” 
“Like the otters …”

4/5 Fangs


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