Thursday, December 5, 2013

First Position by Prescott Lane

First Position
First position is a second chance love story.
Our heroine is Emory Claire. She was in college studying to be a Ballerina but after a terrible accident she had to give up that dream.
She also lost the love of her life Daniel Mason.

Daniel Mason or Mason, as he liked to be called, left Emory for his chance to play as a NFL quarterback.  He also married someone shallow and interested in fame alone. When Mason gets hurt his wife soon walks away. Mason is in the process of divorcing when he meets Emory again.

They are both shocked to see each other. It's like they have been struck by lightning and those six years apart are nothing now.  At first, Emory tries to avoid him but soon she can't resist the way she feels toward him. However, she is hiding something. Can this secret break them apart forever?

I liked it. The book was short, the characters were interesting. I specially liked Olivia and Steven.
I do have to say I wished that Mason acted more mature with certain situations and I'm not a fan of his mother. However, by the end I liked Mason.  He had a very sweet scene at the end.

3/5 Fangs

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