Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Sound of Us by Julie Hammerle

Paperback304 pages
Expected publication: June 7th 2016 
Publisher: Entangled: Teen

Kiki Nichols might not survive music camp.

She’s put her TV-loving, nerdy self aside for one summer to prove she’s got what it takes: she can be cool enough to make friends, she can earn that music scholarship, and she can get into Krause University’s music program.

Except camp has rigid conduct rules—which means her thrilling late-night jam session with the hot drummer can’t happen again, even though they love all the same TV shows, and fifteen minutes making music with him meant more than every aria she’s ever sung.

But when someone starts snitching on rule breakers and getting them kicked out, music camp turns into survival of the fittest. If Kiki’s going to get that scholarship, her chance to make true friends—and her chance with the drummer guy—might cost her the future she wants more than anything.

As a girl who was obsessed with the Disney move, Camp Rock , I was so excited to read a book about a music camp! 

Now, this book wasn't quite like Camp Rock , but it still gave me Camp Rock feels. 

I thought it was interesting that this book was focused on the opera. I don't know a lot about opera, so it was interesting to learn about that music genre. However, I did find myself getting bored with the in depth descriptions about opera and singing. I would have liked that to have been cut back a bit. I guess I like watching/listening to it more than reading about it? I think a lot of people will like how detailed the author was in describing opera training, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. 

The beginning of this book was a little slow, but it definitely picked up. The book became very fast paced and addicting. I liked that this book wasn't as predictable as most contemporary book are. Hammerle was able to keep me on my toes through out the book. There was a lot of drama in this book, which a tad ridiculous at times, but it kept the book interesting! I also really liked the themes of friendship and finding yourself weaved throughout this story. 

I really liked the writing style of this book, mainly because the book was hilarious! Kiki, the main character, had me laughing out loud numerous times with things she said and thought. Her commentary through out the story was great. I loved her quirky and nerdy humor. I had such an easy time relating to Kiki. Kiki was passionate and endearing, which I enjoyed a lot. She was a little annoying and dramatic at times, but most teenage girls are! I know I was! I loved the growth she had in the book. Kiki became more confident in herself, and it was great to see that development. 

The romance was definitely angsty. There was a lot of kissing and flirting, which was cute and fun to read. However, the romance did drive me crazy at some points in the book. I didn't realize it at first, but one of the romances involving Kiki was definitely felt like insta-love . I quickly became annoyed with how obsessed Kiki became with this one guy. They had some adorable moments, but as a whole, I was kind of over their relationship. 

Overall, I thought this was a fun and entertaining story. There were a few things that annoyed me through out this book, but I liked it as a whole! I am excited to see what other books Hammerle will come out with in the future. 

3 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review. * 

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