Friday, November 14, 2014

Singe (Hailey Holloway #2) by K.C. Stewart

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I am so excited to be reviewing this book, because I loved it just as much as I loved the first book, Spark. I actually think I enjoyed this book even more than the first book! In this book, there is some tension in the relationship between Dak and Hailey, which I think, only made their bond stronger. There was plenty of romance in this book to make my heart explode with happiness. 

""Hailey, you are my Céile. My Mate, my partner, the one thing that makes me real." He kissed her, soft and assuring. He told her with his body what he had trouble expressing with his worlds. "I love you, Céile.""

There were some things revealed in this book that came as huge surprises that I really enjoyed. In the book, Hailey gets kidnapped by Silas. At first, I obviously hated Silas, but by the end of the book, I loved his character. I won't say why (no spoilers!), but I was pleasantly surprised with the development of his character. If you are a fan of Dak and Hailey (like me!) you do not have to worry about a love triangle between Dak, Hailey, and Silas. However, Dak's ex-mate tries to take Dak back, which adds some drama to the story. 

I just love this book series so much. The dragon aspect is something I enjoy so much about this series. I also love the romance, action, and mystery that occur in every book. I cannot wait for the next book, Scorch, to come out. I will be reading it the day that it comes out! I really enjoy this book series, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal romances.

4 . 5 / 5 Fangs

Cliffhanger: No


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