Friday, November 7, 2014

Pull (Part Two of Push) by Claire Wallis

It is impossible for someone like me—someone with a sin-list capable of wrapping itself around the world—to find redemption. To be repaired."

David Calgaro has secrets, and the only woman he's ever loved is about to pay the ultimate price to protect them. He's spent a lifetime searching for purpose and control. And the only place he's managed to find them is in a single, perfect moment; a moment in which he has absolute control over someone else's life.

David is unredeemable, unfixable, unsalvageable. But Emma Searfoss has forced a tiny sliver of hope to penetrate his soul. Hope that, even though redemption is impossible, maybe life isn't. Maybe he isn't who he thought he was. Maybe he's meant to be more.

MrsNorthman's Review

"Even superheroes need help sometimes."

The story picks up right where Push ended, on the 9th Street bridge with David and Emma. Emma has had to face some hard truths about David, but it doesn't change what she's agreed to do. She's willing to do anything to save him and has faith he will do the same for her. It's intense, overwhelming and just a fucked up situation all around. But, somehow these two damaged people just make sense together. They have the ability to blur everything else out around them and focus on one another. I adored them, but I craved more of the witty banter that was so much more prevalent in the first book.

"I wasn't aware that you loved me just for my pretty face."

"Well, that and your tool belt."

In this book, we get a glimpse into David's past. Seeing the father he grew up with and what he went through in the aftermath of each of his prior girlfriend's demises, sort of explained how he ended up where he did. He never had anyone to truly love him or take care of him. Until, Emma. It's hard for him to understand how or why she loves him the way she does. But her love calms the demons in his head, gives him a sense of purpose and lets him move on from the past.

"I never realized how empty my life was until I found you."

I have to admit the ending really took me by surprise. While it isn't what I wanted or expected for Emma and David, I can almost understand why the author would choose to do what she did. Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, even when you find the love you've always needed. It was a startling ending, to a unique and twisted story. It was worth the wait.

4/5 Fangs

*Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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