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Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton

Title: Meghan: A Hollywood Princess 
Author: Andrew Morton
Release Date: April 17, 2018
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

From Andrew Morton, the New York Times bestselling author of Diana: Her True Story, comes a revealing, juicy, and inspiring biography of Meghan Markle, the American actress who won Prince Harry's heart.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were set up by a mutual friend on a blind date in July 2016, little did they know that the resulting whirlwind romance would lead to their engagement in November 2017 and marriage in May 2018.

Since then, our fascination with the woman who has smashed the royal mold has rocketed. So different from those coy brides of recent history, Meghan is confident, charismatic, and poised; her warm and affectionate engagement interview won the hearts of the world.

In this first-ever biography of the duchess-to-be, acclaimed royal biographer Andrew Morton goes back to Meghan's roots to uncover the story of her childhood growing up in The Valley in Los Angeles, her studies at an all-girls Catholic school, and her fraught family life-a painful experience mirrored by Harry's own background. Morton also delves into her previous marriage and divorce in 2013, her struggles in Hollywood as her mixed heritage was time and again used against her, her big break in the hit TV show Suits, and her work for a humanitarian ambassador-the latter so reminiscent of Princess Diana's passions. Finally, we see how the royal romance played out across two continents but was kept fiercely secret, before the news finally broke and Meghan was thrust into the global media's spotlight like never before.

Drawing on exclusive interviews with her family members and closest friends, and including never-before-seen photographs, Morton introduces us to the real Meghan as he reflects on the impact that she has already had on the rigid traditions of the House of Windsor, as well as what the future might hold.

I read this book over the weekend in concomitance with the Royal Wedding. I'm sure I was one of the millions of people who got up early to watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Charming. Wait, I meant Prince Harry.

Diana was one of my idols. Her death affected me dearly. Her life was cut so short leaving behind two small children. I've followed her sons' lives and their romances. Harry has always been my favorite. He doesn't have the pressure Will does so he has more freedom to be himself.

When I learned that Meghan was his girlfriend, I was so happy. Meghan was becoming a Princess, just like in the fairy tales. In real life, she's now a Duchess but still a pretty cool Cinderella love story with a twist. After all, she does have the mean half-siblings, Samantha and Thomas. The differences from Cinderella are multiple. Before Meghan married Harry, she was a successful actress. She had a good career, her own blog, over a million followers on social media and her philanthropy was already established.

Andrew Morton wrote Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words and when I saw that he was writing one for Meghan, I was so excited. I wanted to know more about her life. 

I did learn more about Meghan's background, her childhood, her achievements and her career as an actress. Yet, I felt that there were too many holes in her life. Some parts were glossed over. Her marriage and divorce were two of them. At times, I also found the novel to be too dry or judgemental. 

Anyway,  like I said earlier, I did learn more about her life before Harry and I look forward to seeing her in her new capacity as part of the royalty. I wish her a life full of love and success.

Cliffhanger: No

3/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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