Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Then There Was You by Miranda Liasson

Title: Then There Was You
Author: Miranda Liasson
Publisher: Forever
Release Day: May 29, 2018 

Welcome to Angel Falls, a town so delightful even enemies can't help falling in love!

Angel Falls is the last place Sara Langdon wants to be. Her hometown may be charming, but it's also filled with memories of her "wedding-that-never-was." Yet Sara's grandmother needs her, and joining her dad at his medical practice gives Sara time to figure out what she wants for her future. But when her first patient turns out to be Colton Walker, the man who sabotaged her wedding, Sara starts to wonder if she'll ever be able to escape her past.

As police chief, Colton Walker is devoted to his small town, and he's equally determined to avoid its newest resident. He and Sara have always gotten along like oil and water, and since the bachelor party incident, he's her Enemy #1. But after sharing an unexpected--and unexpectedly hot--kiss, Colton starts to wonder if the woman he's always fighting with is the one he should be fighting for.

A really cute love story!

I'm a sucker for hate to love romances and this one fits the bill. I also enjoyed small town romances and the setting in Then There Was You is just that. 

Sara Langdon is back to her hometown of Angel Falls. She's a physician and she has come back home to help with the care of her grandmother who's suffering from dementia. In the meantime, Sara has joined her father's small-town medical practice after training at Columbia.

Sara left town after her engagement dissolved when the groom-to-be, Tagg, sleeps with the "cake girl". Since then, Sara can't eat any type of cake. She blames part of her debacle on Colton Walker, her ex-fiancée's best friend. She has known Colton for a long time. He used to make fun of her when they were teenagers which explain Sara's dislike of him. So when she learns, he's her first patient she has a mini meltdown but in the end, she does her job. Sara might dislike Colton but she's also not blind, he is H.O.T. But nothing can happen there, right?

Colton Bentley Walker is the police chief in Angel Falls. He had a hard time growing up after his parents pass away. He went to live with his grandmother and he had to take care of his younger sister Hannah, He had a lot of responsibilities from a young age and now, as the police chief, his responsibility is even bigger now that the whole town depends on him. Colton is a family man and he knows his behavior as a kid towards Sara was awful, He was a moron but maybe now, they can become friends except his reactions to her are all completely unexpected.

Then There Was You is perfect for someone who enjoys romances in a small town setting. It was engaging from the beginning and above all, sweet and cozy.  

I was left wanting to read more books about other interesting characters I liked in this novel. I hope maybe we get a book or two.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by Forever via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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