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Rough Justice (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #1)
by Sarah Castille

Rough Justice
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Arianne Hunter's only goal is to leave town. She was brought up in a Motorcycle Club. Her father is the President of the Black Jacks. He is ruthless and she has pay for it more than a few times. She just needs to take her brother with her before it is too late. Her plan goes south when she's left unconscious in the Sinner's Tribe MC. Someone has burned down the compound and all fingers are pointing to her.

Jagger Knight is seeing red when he realizes his club is in flames. He wants justice and if Arienne is responsible for it, she will pay for it but his gut is telling him there's more to the story. Too bad she's the enemy's daughter because he finds himself very interested in her. She even has a road name: Vexy.

“If you’re lying to me, Jagger, I’ll put a knife through your heart.”
“Sweetheart, you already did.”

The story pulled me from the beginning. I liked both characters. Their chemistry was combustive. Arienne is a strong heroine. She doesn't back down. She's determined, smart and has a strong will.

“she did contribute to the club by fixing the brothers’ bikes. And okay, she saved Bandit’s ass on the hill, and probably the lives of a couple of brothers by shooting at members of her own club. Maybe she was a better pool player than anyone he’d met, and she’d drank the prospects under the table at the party even though she was half their weight. Her shooting was good … okay … spectacular, just like her dart game. But the only reason she outraced everyone on her bike was because she didn’t ride American.”

Jagger was an alpha with great qualities. He was fair leader, intelligent and sexy.
Rough Justice has action, intrigue, betrayal and a great cast of characters.
Can't wait for Cade's book.

“ You have fire, you have soul. Your strength and resilience amaze me. Your gentleness and kindness humble me. Your beauty takes my breath away. If I could have only one thing in this life, it would be you.”

Cliffhanger: No

5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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