Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just Breathe (Breathe #1) by Rachel Brookes

Just Breathe
Savannah Rae has had enough heartache in her life. She deals with her pain the only way she knows how. Meaning she uses men and alcohol to forget. This has worked for five years.
Mr Davenport, her boss, mentor and only "family" she has, has had enough of watching her self-destruct. Moving her to America is what this Aussie girl needs.
When Savannah arrives to the States she meets Tanzi and her twin brother Tate Connors.

Tate Connors doesn't do relationships. Having a string of women in his life with no attachments is what he desires. This all stops when he meets Savannah and the predator soon becomes the prey.

"I'm scared of you, but sometimes being scared is the best thing that can happen,"

Tate and Savannah are too similar. They fight all the time. They want to rip each other clothes. They fight some more. In the end they end up breaking all of their silly rules.

"So, Mom, we're going to head out. Sav wants to ravish my body because it's my birthday...or something like that," 

It was fun watching this couple fall in love. Their banter made me laugh. Their fights and some of their misunderstandings made me want to scream but when they were together, it was so so sweet. I liked that Tate was cocky, arrogant and dreamy but he also had a softer side and love his twin sister and mom to death.

I felt bad for Savannah. She didn't deserve what haunts her and I hope she can stop blaming herself.  She and Tate have a chance at something wonderful and the girl deserves some happiness.

I couldn't finish my review without mentioning that I fell in love with Mr Davenport. What an excellent secondary character. I want him to be happy too. Maybe he can be Tate's mom HEA. He is swoon worthy.

"Ms. Rae, I would like to formally introduce myself as Mr. Tate Connors, exceptional cook, provider of your every need, San Diego tour guide, and most importantly, the loving boyfriend of Savannah Rae."

4/5 Fangs

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