Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Room for More (Cranberry Inn #2) by Beth Ehemann

Room For More

Room For More starts almost immediately after Room For You ends.

Kacie is still dealing with the shock of having seen Zach after five years of no contact.
Over the next few days, Zach is more in the picture. He actually wants to get to know the twins. Zach has reasons for his absence and Kacie has a lot to think about and she is also unsure of how to tell Brody.

Just from a reader's perspective, it is never good to withhold information in a book. I was terrified of the blowout because I knew it was going to happen. And when it happened it was HUGE. I felt so bad for Brody.

Brody will have to decide if his feelings for Kacie are enough and if he can trust her again.

What can I say about this book?
I went in very worried about where Brody will stand after Zach was back in the picture. I fell in ♥ with Brody many times over Room For You but after reading Room for More,  I was swooning.

I guess if I were an author I'll be worried about my second book not being as good as my first one. Well, let me tell you, Beth doesn't need to worry about it at ALL.

The book was everything I expected and more.
I expected to hate Zach- I didn't.
I was expecting to be mad at Kacie- I wasn't.
I was expecting Brody to have a new girl or old flame interfering. It didn't happen the way I thought it would. I love that Kacie had helped standing up to a mean girl this time.
I was not expecting Viper to be the one who gave the best advice. But he was.

Things that I liked:
B. R. O. D. Y.
The Twinkies  (Lucy and Piper)- they were even better this time around.
Viper - he made me laugh and when Brody's mom scold him, it was super cute the way he was blushing.

There are so many great lines in this book. Some of my favorites:

"Kacie, get attached. Please, get attached. I sure as hell know I am. You're what I want. You and the girls. This is it for me." I brushed a fresh tear from her cheek. "I know we're taking our time, especially where the girls are concerned, but you're my more, remember?" 

"You're my more too."

"I haven't brushed yet." 
"I'll take my chances," he said, gently pulling my hands away from my mouth. "Pay the toll, stinky."

"You're a good man, Brody." 
"It's my mom's fault."

"What my Twinkies want, my Twinkies get."

"You are my future, Kacie. You're my present and my future and if I could figure out a way to invent a damn time machine, you'd be my past."

"You two are like Dumb and Dumber on ice skates."

"I have the sexiest, sweetest, most amazing boyfriend on the planet who's not afraid to kick his ass if he gets out of line."

"Pinkie swear?" Piper asked quietly, holding her tiny pinky finger in the air. 

"How about we change it to Twinkie swear?"

I really can't wait for Beth's next book. I'm guessing it is Viper's turn but I think Andy needs his own HEA too. Too bad Brody's sister already got a fiancee, because I would have liked to read her story. She probably has funny things she can tell us since she is a wedding planner.



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