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Waiting On You (Blue Heron #3) by Kristan Higgins

Waiting on You
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Colleen O"Rourke is happy with her life. She loves her brother and her sister. She likes her job as a bartender. She is happy with her volunteer work too. What she doesn't do is relationships. Growing up she was always called beautiful but she really never payed to much attention to her looks or fell in love until she met Lucas Campbell. Lucas was the new kid in town. To her, he looked like a pirate and once his eyes landed on her, she knew her world would never be the same. He was the man she fell  in love with and the one that broke her heart.

Lucas is back in town after many years. He is back because of family. His uncle Joe is dying and he wants to be there for him.  Lucas thinks he is just passing by but once he sees Colleen again he can't stop the pull he feels towards her. He knows he shouldn't get close to her again but he is unable to stay away.

Can they give their love a second chance?

It's impossible for me to dislike any book written by Kristan Higgins. They are full of humor, love, angst, and at the end, they leave you with a smile on your face.

I love Colleen. She was spontaneous, funny, loyal and so in love with Lucas despite everything that happened when they were younger. She is also pretty funny as a matchmaker. Trying to help Paulie and Bryce together made me laugh more than once.
Her relationship with her twin Connor is amazing and she's able to be nice to even her stepmother "The Tail".
Lucas was great too. He pursue Colleen in his quiet way. I just wish that he would have to grovel a little more. Colleen never really puts a good fight and I think he was too sure of her love sometimes.
In the end the story works for me.
It's also nice to see the some characters return and attending a certain wedding.

I think now it will time for Jack or Connor's story.

“Yeah, right. I didn’t marry someone two months after our first fight. And don’t call me mía.” She seemed to realize she still had the bag of vegetables on her head and lowered her arm. “You broke my heart, Lucas,” she said. “It was a long time ago. But I’m not dumb enough to let history repeat itself. So don’t mess with me. Are we clear?” 

“What seems clear,” he murmured, stepping a little closer so that they were almost touching, “is that this is going to happen. You and me. It’s just a question of when.”

4.5/5 Fangs
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