Monday, March 31, 2014

Tethered by L.D. Davis Release Day


~ Synopsis ~

From the New York Times Best Selling Author of the Accidentally On Purpose trilogy… “You were born to be mine and I was born to be yours.” Donya Stewart’s chest filled with the soft beating wings of butterflies when she first met Emmet Grayne’s green eyes at the ripe age of five. Unable to identify the tugging pressure within her when in his presence, Donya moved through the first several years of her life addled by her feelings for the boy who was her best friend’s brother, and very much like her own sibling. But one cool autumn night in her mystifying teenage years, Emmet erases any ideas Donya has of him being anything like a sibling. Donya and Emmet, unable to deny the invisible cord that fetters them together on an incredibly visceral level, begin a long journey on a road abounding with challenges, hurdles, and destructive forces. Their love for one another is absolute, and the emotional link between them is strong, but when they make a series of painful decisions and mistakes that pull them apart, the strength of that tether is challenged. “The tether contorted and quivered and groaned in protest.” If you are in search of an angst-filled romance novel, get tied into Tethered… 

   ~ Excerpt ~

"I whirl around and rush towards the exit. It’s January, in Chicago no less, but I feel hot and my palms are sweaty. It feels very stuffy in here and I am having difficulty breathing. I promise myself I won’t turn around and look. There is no reason to look. I won’t look. I’m only a few feet from the door. I turn my head and look. It is as if there is a magnet that draws my eyes to his exact location every time I say I will not look. If I have looked in the past and he was not in my immediate eye sight, I may have turned away and been okay, but that never happens. My eyes always find him right away. He looks stunning in his tuxedo. His deep blue bowtie hangs to one side and his shirt is unbuttoned a few buttons, revealing the beginning contours of what I know to be a well-defined chest. His dark hair is a little on the long side. Hair falls across his forehead. It’s sexy. His wife hates it. She must not like running her fingers through it. His hands are in his pockets as he speaks. He looks casual and relaxed. I look away and escape the crushing pressure of the room. I dig into the little purse strapped to my wrist and get my ticket for my coat. I thrust the piece of paper at the guy behind the counter and he retrieves my coat a few seconds later. I walk out of the building and away from the few people outside who also dared the cold. I follow a walkway until I find myself on the other side of the building, facing what is probably a very gorgeous garden in the warmer months. It was still pretty, even under the ice and snow. I look around and am relieved to find myself alone. The sun is setting. The lampposts are flickering to life. It is cold as cold can be out here, but I needed to get out of there.
I open my purse and find my hidden cigarette and lighter. I put the cancer stick in my mouth and light it up. I inhale deeply. I close my eyes as I let the smoke out slowly through slightly parted lips. Smoking is the bad habit I picked up during my days as a model. I got lucky. It could have been cocaine, heroin, pills, and so many other things that string a girl out. I quit smoking when I quit modeling, but on occasion, a cigarette is warranted. I hear light footfalls behind me. The long invisible tether tightens. I know who is coming without having to look. I can feel him. My eyes always find him and he always finds me. I stopped questioning it long ago. One strong arm encircles my waist. I shiver and it has nothing to do with the chilling weather. A hand plucks the cigarette from my lips and tosses it away. I watch as it lands in the snow a few feet off of the path. It is resilient. It burns on, despite the cold moisture under it. Another arm closes around me. My head naturally falls back on his shoulder and his cheek naturally presses against my hair. I breathe him in and his scent settles my nerves better than any cigarette ever has. Feeling his body enveloping mine makes me feel safer than I ever do anywhere else."

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~ About the Author ~

L.D. Davis is a New York Times bestselling author. A 30 something mother, wife, friend, writer, with a half cup of awesome. Just a half cup, though. Her debut novel Accidentally on Purpose was an Amazon best selling novel that landed on the New York Times 3 months after its release.
L.D. Davis is Author of: Accidentally on Purpose, Worthy of Redemption, Worth the Fight, Pieces Of Rhys and Tethered (March 2014).
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Visit her at, and on Twitter @LDDAVIS478.

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