Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beyond Me (Sex on the Beach) by Jennifer Probst

Beyond Me
By: Jennifer Probst
I love Jennifer Probst, and everything she writes is GOLD.  She did it again with Beyond Me. Quinn is a poor, responsible college student looking for a good time in Key West during Spring Break.  She and her friends make a plan to separate every day so they can meet a guy.

James is totally opposite of Quinn, he is super rich but has no direction, living off his trust fund and traveling from place to place in search of himself.  He has never felt good enough or loved by anyone.

James and Quinn meet and they instantly have a connection.  James tells Quinn about his dreams, and Quinn opens up about her past. 

James was given the opportunity for something that could help his future and he took it, at the expense of Quinn.  Now they have to work through their trouble and hopefully find love.

I absolutely loved James. From the beginning he was so strong and radiated confidence, but as he begins to open up and see his soft side and insecurities you can’t help but love him more.

Quinn was the perfect female MC, she was strong, confident, knew what she wanted and never faltered. 

I am so excited to read the next two novellas in this series!

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