Monday, March 24, 2014

Hard Body Rock by Nora Flite

Hard Body Rock
Hard Body Rock
Body Rock #1
Nora Flite 


This is a novella.

Hard Body Rick is about the Four and Half Headstones lead singer Drezden Halifax. He is a rockstar with some anger issues and a bad habit of smoking when he's under stress.

The band is in need of a new guitarist when the current one (Johnny Muse) makes too many mistakes in the last show. Drez is tired of his lack of respect for the band and throws him out.

Lola Cooper is working as a roadie of her brother's band Barbed Fire. They are on tour with the main band Four and Half Headstones. Her brother Sean pushes her to apply for the job as the lead guitarist.

When Drez and Lola meet, Drez is not too happy about feeling something for the innocent looking girl. His moods switch from upset, to bewildered to lustful most of the time they interact.

You can read this book in a few hours and the rhythm flows without a hitch. I did feel like the end was too sudden, though maybe it was because I didn't know it was a novella/serial.

I definitely will need to pick up book 2. I like the characters and I think Drez was portrayed as a perfect rock star. I liked Lola too. I want to know more about her and I want her to blow them away at their first concert together. 

I'm sure Sean and Drez's manager are going to make their life a little crazy.

4/5 Fangs


Complimentary copy was given by author in exchange for an honest review.

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