Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild (Bad Boys & Wallflowers #2.5) by Maya Rodale

Girl Gone Wild
Girl Gone Wild starts just were book 1 ends.
Jane leaves Duke's party to meet Sam, her ex-boyfriend. Sam seems to want her back and he makes it obvious. He seems to regret breaking up with her or maybe he likes the new Jane. She is confident and sexier.
Jane is confused. She has always wanted a life with Sam but now that Duke is in the picture she is ambivalent.
When Jane decides to publish her novel and a reporter gets a hold of the story, her relationship with Duke becomes strained. A hard decision is made and it may be the end of them as a couple.
I read this serial in a few hours. It's short and sweet. The more I read about Jane the more I like her. She is definitely more assertive and she is starting to go after the things that she wants.
What I thought was missing is more Duke. He needs more page time and of course I wouldn't mind a longer novella.

3/5 Fangs

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