Monday, March 10, 2014

Salvation by Noelle Adams

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Raw and emotional are the words that come to mind when I think of this book.  Diana's journey is such a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  I find the best writers to be the ones that can make you feel everything the characters are going through and Noelle Adams made that happen for me with Salvation.  This book is now sitting on my favorites shelf.

The story starts right from the first page.....Diana is walking down a city street when she's grabbed by two men and thrown into a trunk.  She ends up locked in a room with Gideon, an undercover FBI agent that has been compromised.  Fear and the will to survive leads to an instant connection.  When three of the kidnappers burst in to the room to take Diana, Gideon tries to fight them off but he's unable to.  Diana is raped by several of the bad men.  Thankfully, they are rescued before any further damage can be inflicted on either one of them.
"Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is survive."
Naturally Diana falls into a state of depression and can't cope.  At one point she attempts to take her own life.  Gideon is insistent on spending time with her because of the connection he feels and wants to help her get back on track.  She feels like she can't be the girl she was before the attack, a girl who loved shoes, enjoyed her job, had sex and dated.  So many things trigger that horrible day and unleash the demons in her head.   Gideon is extremely patient and supportive, not to mention sexy, and I found it impossible not to fall for him.  It truly broke my heart when Diana pushed him away, even into the arms of other women, before realizing she deserves to be happy.  Gideon helps her see herself the way he does, as an strong, brave and beautiful woman.  What an amazing story about love and healing.
"You're my hope for the future and my call to be a better man and I do hope one day you'll be my wife."
5/5 Fangs
Review by MrsNorthman

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