Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Fawn (The Beaumont Brothers #1) by Susan Griscom

*Complementary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*
Two weeks after getting married Lena discovers she made a horrible mistake.  Her husband, Troy, becomes extremely controlling and starts hitting her.  Lena never thought she would end up in this situation, feeling weak, with a man having complete and utter control over her.
After a long night of drinking, Troy comes home and takes his aggression out on Lena.  She knows if she doesn't get away, he's going to end up killing her.  She is able to flee, but doesn't know if she left him dead or alive.  After driving for hours, she finds herself sitting in a bar in a small town. 

Jackson is the owner of the bar.  He's hot, extremely kind, plays the guitar and wants nothing more than to help Lena. This is the part of the story that I struggled with.  I just couldn't understand how she could be so trusting of another man so soon after fleeing an abusive relationship.  It was sweet that Jackson wanted to take care of her and offered her a place to stay, but it was too soon for me to find believable.  Overall, I liked the story and the dual POV, told from Lena and Jackson.

3/5 Fangs


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