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Breathe Again (Breathe #2) by Rachel Brookes

Breathe Again
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

The conclusion of Savannah and Tate story can be divided in to two big chapters. The first part of the book deals with the couple while they are separated by lies and living in opposites parts of the States.  They are both hurting and are too stubborn to fix their relationship. Savannah's pregnancy is coming along the way without a major issue but she wishes Tate was with her.

The second part of the book moves forward in time. Once again Savannah and Tate are torn apart but now it's on different continents. Savannah must fly to Australia when tragedy strikes. Tate is unable to follow her due to his job
and old insecurities reappear and threaten their stability.
And can a bitter old lover break them apart?

“I don’t want you to see me break, Sav.” His voice broke under his words. 
 “That’s what we do. We pick up each other’s pieces when we break and put them back together in our own special way. Let me pick up your broken pieces, Tate. Let me make you whole again.”

This book made me feel so sad for Tate. He kept on trying to be a good guy and a good father.

 “Savannah, I never knew perfection until I met you.” 

Yet, things were always against him. Not only was he in a constant fight to keep Savannah but his dad does a number on him that I didn't see coming.

 “You need to remember what’s important, Tate. Sometimes you need to move on from the past in order to see the future.”

I'm glad in the end everything worked fine for them and if anything the family becomes much stronger.
Also, I believe the secondary characters were super important to make this novel a success. When things were going south for this couple one of their friends or family will make them understand how right they were for each other.

“Sav, you need to go through the storm before you get your rainbow.” 

Tanzi was always there for Tate and it was nice to see her own story progress too. I still love Mr Davenport and I love how he blushed when Tanzi was teasing him.
I do hope Blake gets his own story. After all he is the vocalist for The Fallen.

"You own my heart, Sav. It's yours to break."

4/5 Fangs

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