Saturday, January 4, 2014

When It Rains (Rain #1) by Lisa De Jong

When It Rains
Kate Alexander is a young woman living in a small town, Carrington. One day her life changes dramatically.  She goes from a normal teenager to someone who craves solitude and avoids interaction with people except for her work and running she really doesn't do anything else. For two years she keeps this up until her best friend Beau Bennett is leaving for college.

“This is see you later. I could never say goodbye to you. Ever,” 

Beau is her neighbor. She also has had a crush on him for years. Even though she doesn't trust him with her secret, she doesn't want to loose him either.
Much to her surprise, during a shift at the diner where she works, she meets Asher Hunt.  One single stare and they feel connected. Asher is determined to bring the light back to Kate's eyes.

“My fact for the day: I wanted to come over here as soon as you drove away yesterday. I want to know you. I want to know what it is that made you cry, but more than that, I want to know what I have to do to make you happy again,”

He is sweet, tender, patient. Unfortunately, by the end of the day Kate will have to choose between her soulmate or the love of her life. Or maybe the choice is made for her.

“I also realize that there’s a difference between soul mates and true love.”

I have mixed feelings about this book. Beau is a good guy and he cares deeply for Kate. He has been there for her, even when he could have chosen not too but Asher stole my heart. He had a bad boy reputation that I think he didn't deserve.  He was perfect for Kate and together they made great sense. Then, I will think Beau is her first love and he is the love of her life. Like I said, mixed feeling couldn't even begin to describe it.

This book is also a tear jerker. What Kate goes through is so devastating. How does someone survives this much heartache? I don't know. It sure made me cry.

“When it rains, Kate. Remember me.”

On a lighter note:

4/5 Fangs.

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