Monday, January 20, 2014

Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young
On Dublin Street #3


Olivia Holloway is part of our "On Dublin" crowd. She moved to Edinburgh with her father after her mother's death. Growing up she spent all her time caring for her sick mother and didn't have time for romance. The same thing happened during college. This has made her become a very shy girl around men.

Nate Sawyer loves them and leaves them. He never offers more. He lost the love of his life and he doesn't believe he can love again.

Olivia and Nate are best friends. They shared the pain of losing someone they loved in their past. So when Olivia asks for help with the other sex, Nate can't deny her.

Of course, if only Olivia could stop falling for Nate in the process.....

I thought Olivia was sweet. She was also hilarious when she reviewed the movies Nate brought to the flat.

Nate was great too. Once he realized what was at stake he was swoon-worthy. I loved their chemistry. His "teaching' scenes were all steamy.

I loved this series. I love all the characters. It's nice to revisit old characters like Joss and Braden, Jo and Cam, Ellie and Adam. These couples' romance are still very much alive. I can't wait for Hannah's story now. I wish I could eat at D'Alessandro's.

‘Great hair, stunning eyes, gorgeous skin, fucking knockout smile, great tits, nice arse, and long, sexy legs. Fuckable. Very, very fuckable.’ 

4/5 Fangs

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