Sunday, January 26, 2014

Undone (Disclosure #1) by R.E. Hunter

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

Embry Jacobs is happy and excited to start Law School. The best part is that she won't be doing it alone, her best friend Morgan is joining her.
Embry has one purpose in life - to stay focused on her career and keep her grades up.
She has a past, five years ago she left her family and moved to Florida/ UF to study right out of high school. She was leaving her boyfriend Jack behind and she swore not to fall for another man and give him the power to hurt her.
That is until she bumps into Hallway Hottie.
She meets Luke Brody and school may not be the sole priority anymore.  Maybe getting to know Luke is what she really needs.
Luke is tall, dark and with the most beautiful blue eyes. Morgan can't stop falling for Mr Southern sexy but when a conflict of interest presents, staying away from each other may be impossible.

I'm so happy I decided to read Undone. I like the flow.
I liked their first few encounters, specially the night of the social.  Embry and Morgan were funny. Their bond as best friends is tangible and Morgan had her back every time.
It was so easy to fall in love with Luke Brody. He was funny, sweet, smart, thoughtful and sexy.  The one thing I didn't like is that he kept hiding things from Embry. I understand why he did it, but not happy about it.
I do have to mention that this book ends in a cliffhanger. (why?, why?, why?). I'm not sure where the next book is going but Embry and Luke better not cheat.  That's all I'm saying.
On a side note, I think Jeremy needs his own book.

"Her belly clenched. She took him in slowly. Designer jeans, black button-down shirt tailored perfectly to his muscular build. Sleeves rolled up to the elbows exposing tanned skin and thick veins. Embry noticed him swirl the amber-colored liquid in his glass as he waited for her to finish her greedy perusal of his body. She lingered on his face. Just the right amount of dark stubble dusted his strong jaw, and the dimple in his left cheek appeared as his mouth quirked into a small, knowing smile. He was perfect."

  4/5 Fangs


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