Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffanie DeBartolo

How To Kill A Rock Star
Eliza Caelum is moving to New York City. She has been hired as a reporter after a Rock Star gave her the break she needed. As part of her new job she will be interviewing new musical bands.  Music has had a huge impact in her life. It helped her deal with her parents death in an airplane crash. Eliza is terrified of flying, she can't bring herself to fly so instead she takes the bus.
Her brother's wife Vera is picking her up, but when she gets there, no one is waiting for her. She does meet a guy with beautiful eyes but she leaves him without much interaction.
She arrives at her new apartment. Her new roommate is Paul Hudson, the lead singer of his brother's band.

“Is he cute?” I asked her. 
“Cute? If you like the dysfunctional lunatic, male-slut vibe, sure.” 

To her surprise when she meets Paul, he is the guy she left at the terminal.  He has a girlfriend but he isn't monogamous.

“Sleep with the guy, fine,” she said. “But don't fall in love with him. Geesh. I certainly hope you've been putting a cap over that been-there-done-that dick of his.”

This scares Eliza because she had a recent break up with her boyfriend of six years, Adam.
Paul is persistent and soon he starts breaking Eliza's walls.

Potentially yours, WP Hudson.

When Paul's band starts getting some attention and a tour is on the horizon, Eliza's anxiety begins.
This is were things get convoluted.  To make things more interesting a new guy is introduced, Loring Blackman.
Eliza makes a decision that can destroy her recent happiness but it the end she may loose much more than that.

Why did I wait to read this book? I have no idea.
Paul Hudson is a unique character.  He made me laugh.

“I'm not very good with directions,” I said. 
“Not good?” Paul laughed hysterically. “You're geographically retarded.” 

His pancreas, his note to self, his "goddamn" and his taped conversations made me fall in love with him.

"Note to self: Always remember how lucky you are to wake up next to someone who thinks you're the shit." 

I was super happy with him as the hero. I didn't read any spoilers and I was shocked when I met Loring. He threw me for a loop. I fell in love with him as well. Such an awesome guy!  He is sweet, tender, shy and so in love with Eliza, that it hurts sometimes. He made me question Eliza's HEA.
I almost stopped reading because I didn't want to know Eliza's choice.
This novel has heartache, misunderstandings, shocking events, and great music.  It's a great love story and so different than other books. I'm going to miss Paul and his craziness.

By the way, I think my pancreas hurts ;)

"Thanks for listening.

5/5 Fangs


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