Sunday, January 26, 2014

Exquisite (Exquisite #1) by Ella Frank

Magdalena "Lena" O'Donnell is a doctor in a Chicago hospital. She keeps herself detached from any emotional involvement. She carries with her the guilt of her sister's death and doesn't feel like she deserves happiness.
Mason Nathan Langley is a confirmed bachelor. He has his own exclusive restaurant called Exquisite. He is also the chef.  His mother owns Precious Petals, a flower store. When she asks him to deliver flowers to the hospital, he has no idea he will be meeting Dr. O'Donnell.
When Lena and Mason meet, they hate each other on the spot. Both assume the worse. This doesn't change the second time they meet at his restaurant. No one is more surprised than Mason when he asks her out.

8.30pm, Exquisite
I’ve got the peaches, you bring the cream.

Getting this pair to be on the same page is hilarious, irritating, steamy, and simply exquisite.

I love this book. Yes, Mason has had a lot of girls in his past but once he meets Lena, that's it for him. He can't help but be gorgeous and had those awesome dimples too.

“Stop flashing your damn dimples around like a weapon.” 
 “A weapon huh? I’ve never heard them described like that.” 

He has a sweet side that we meet when he is with his mom or his sister. He is also very alpha and since Lena is too, sparks fly every time they come together.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a couple who doesn't get along at first but morphs into something else.

My dad once told me, the day I meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can’t bare her to be gone, that’s when I know I’ve met a woman worth keeping.” 

Her best friend Shelly is the heroine on book 2 which I read as soon as I finished this.
4/5 Fangs.


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