Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tied Up In You (All Laced Up #2)
by Erin Fletcher

Expected publication: July 10th 2017 
Entangled: Crush
ISBN: 9781640631489

Everyone says hotshot goalie Luke Jackson is God’s gift to girls, but the only girl he wants is his best friend, Malina Hall. He’s always known how brilliant she is, but now that he’s “accidentally” kissed her, he can’t stop thinking about her…or wanting to kiss her again.

Problem is, things have been a little…awkward since the kiss. Because she likes him, too? Hopefully, but even if she did, their futures—and the ridiculous schedules that come with them—are in the way. And now one of his teammates is showing interest, and the guy has more in common with Malina than Jackson ever will.

As her best friend, Jackson should get out of the way. But if there’s one thing he’s learned from hockey, it’s that you have to go for what you want, even if it means falling flat on your face. And he’s definitely falling for Malina.

Disclaimer: This book contains a hot hockey player who goes after what he wants, a super-hot, super-distracting shirtless workout, and the kind of best friends to lovers romance every girl in the friend zone has dreamed of.

Tell her how you feel.
“I don’t want you to date him, okay?”
She scoffed. “Yeah. Like you have any say in who I date, Mr. Player. Okay. Let’s hear it. Why don’t you want me to date Troy?”
The truth came out before I could stop it. “Because I like you, okay?”
“What?” Malina demanded, as if she hadn’t heard me right.
My cheeks warmed. “Because I like you. Me. I like you. I don’t want you to go out with him because I want you to go out with me.” I braced myself for her reaction. For laughing. For pity. For her to run far, far away. Instead, I got more yelling.
“Yeah, well I like you, too!”
Everything stopped. My brain. My heart. My lungs. Cause of death: shock. “What?
“I like you! Why do you think I said all of those things about you and Krista at dinner? You know I’m not a jerk! You know I wouldn’t do that out of revenge for everything you were saying! It’s because I like you and I didn’t want to see you with her!” She huffed in frustration. “God, every time you put your hand on her arm…”
“I wanted to be putting my hand on you instead!”
“Well I didn’t know that!”
“Well now you do!”
Just like that, with my heart threatening to explode with anger and frustration and surprise and some of the most intense desire I’d ever felt in my life, I lunged over the center console and kissed her. Hard. Not like that first kiss. Not something she could see as an accident. Not something I had to or wanted to apologize for, but a real, lip-crushing, soul-melting, heart-bursting, desperate kiss. And she kissed me back just as desperately.

Tied Up In You was such a delightful treat! This book made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I was in the mood for a light and charming book, and this book fit the bill perfectly. I constantly had a smile on my face while reading this book, and it was an absolute joy to read! 

One thing I loved about this book was how prominent the side characters were in this book, especially families. I really enjoyed getting to see the main characters interact with their family and best friends. The author made it clear that strong female friendships are important and family is important. I personally LOVED that. I also loved how the author included some Hawaiian culture in this book. It was on the light side, but it was there and it was fabulous. 

There was some drama in this book, which I expected, but most of it felt very realistic. Sometimes drama in contemporaries can feel a bit like a soap opera, but I thought most of the drama in this book added to the plot and it didn't seem ridiculous. It was a little cliche at times, but it was always entertaining.

Malina, the main female character, was such a wonderful character. Malina was a smart, determined, relatable, and funny character. I immediately liked her when her character was introduced. I liked how practical Malina was and how REAL she felt. Malina felt like someone I could be friends with in my actual life! I liked the growth Malina had in this book, and how her friends and loved ones made her realize she shouldn't be afraid to go after her dreams. I really enjoyed getting to know her and be in her head. I also loved her hilarious best friend, Izzy, and I adored their friendship. 

Jackson was the main male character and I adored him. Jackson seemed like it would have been a jerk with his past playboy tendencies, but he wasn't at all. Jackson was such a sweet and caring person. I really enjoyed his character development and how Malina helped him realize how much potential he had. Jackson was a boy who made me swoon so many times and I was loving it. 

The romance in this book gave me butterflies! It was SO STINKING CUTE. I am a sucker for romances that have the characters start as best friends, so it didn't surprise me that I thought this romance was precious. Jackson and Malina's relationship made me feel like I was eating cotton candy and it was wonderful. 

If you are looking for a light book with a cute romance, then I definitely would recommend checking out this book! 

4 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review. * 

Erin is a young adult author from North Carolina. She is a morning person who does most of her writing before sunrise, while drinking excessive quantities of coffee. She believes flip-flops qualify as year-round footwear, and would spend every day at the beach if she could. She has a bachelor's degree in mathematics, which is almost never useful when writing books.

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