Monday, May 26, 2014

Two Worlds Colliding (Scorpio Stinger MC #1) by Jani Kay

Two Worlds Colliding
Ryder Knox is the vice president of the Scorpio Stinger MC. The Club is his family and he will do anything for any of its members.  Ryder had a tough upbringing and he did some time in juvie.  He is not scarred of getting dirty and he is loyal to his club. He owes the Malone brothers too much to disappoint them.  When Jade shows up in his path, he will have to make a tough decision. His club or his girl.

Jade "Princess" Summers  is an attorney who gets involved with the MC world. When she meets Ryder she lets her prejudice take over until he offers his help when she needed it the most.  Now, she finds herself tangled up in his world but her family will not let them be together. Especially, his brother who detests all MCs.

Staying together is dangerous, keeping apart is impossible.

My thoughts:

I have to admit I bought this book and when I started reading it I realized that there is a prequel. So I know I missed the background to the two main character stories.
Saying that, I was still able to fill in the blanks and got into this MC romance.

Ryder seems to fall for Jade. At first it is more about his pride.  He wants something he shouldn't have but soon he realizes that she is not who he thought she was and started to like having her around. Pretty soon she was all he could think about. His love for his club will be tested.

Jade is torn between what she feels for the biker and her family. She struggles with her decision and I felt like it was believable.  I do think that she should have stood her ground with her brother. If she wants Ryder she is going to need to fight for him. I'm not sure how they are going to avoid a blood bath.
The ending left me wanting to know where the story continues.

"Our worlds may have been colliding, but I knew what I wanted: Jade."
3/5 Fangs

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