Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann

"I need excitement. I need new experiences. I need to be creative. I need intensity. I need passion."

Beth's life is centered around being a mom, wife and part-time professor. She puts everyone else's needs ahead of her own and ends up losing her sense of self along the way. She feels invisible to her husband. Their relationship has taken a backseat to the kids and other things they have going on in their lives. He isn't giving her the attention she yearns for. Isn't that what we all crave, to feel wanted and appreciated?

Beth lets one of her friends drag her out for a night of dancing and she runs into a former student, Dave. He's 21 and adorable. After a night of drinking and flirting, they share a passionate kiss. But, it's a dangerous game she finds herself caught up in. She loves her husband and her family, but also loves the way Dave makes her feel. She ends up having to face the consequences of her decisions.

I think this book did a great job of portraying what happens all too often. By nature, most women seem to be people pleasers and we tend to set aside our own wants and desires to make those closest to us happy. Then we wake up one day and wonder how things got so far out of control. I think it's always hard to read about cheating, but I found this book to be well written and honest.

*Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

4/5 Fangs




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  2. Thank you so much for this very kind review! It made me so happy! It means a lot to me that you appreciated my honesty. It's a tough subject as you said, but somebody's gotta tell the truth about it! :-)

    1. I think it's a tough subject because no one wants to think about being in that situation themselves. I think it happens too often. Your book did a great job of capturing what goes through someone's mind when they make the decision to be unfaithful. Such a great story. The statistics you included in your blog post were pretty interesting too.