Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Lush Betrayal (Lush #1)
by Selena Laurence

If you love rock star romances, you have to read this book!  It has the perfect amount of angst and a sweet love story.

Joss is the voice and the face of the rock band, Lush.  From the outside it appears that Joss is living the dream.  He is a rock star after all, and has a constant stream of girls throwing themselves at him.  But, looks can be deceiving.  He feels lonely and wants someone that really sees him, not just his the rock god status.
"That's me - the brooding, damaged rock star.  I'm a fucking cliché."

Joss is struggling with a tremendous amount of guilt, it's almost too much to live with.  He slept with, Tammy, his best friend, Walsh's, fiancé.  Walsh is the drummer for, Lush, and they've been best friends since they were kids.  When Walsh checked into rehab to deal with his drinking, Joss and Tammy were devastated and turned to one another for comfort.  Tammy and Joss, were best friends, but that's ruined now.  They haven't ever talked about what happened that night, or confessed to Walsh.  Instead, they avoid each other whenever possible, and try to deal with the relentless guilt.  But, it isn't easy because Tammy is one of the band's managers.
Tammy's younger sister, Mel, is a photo journalist and Tammy hires her to capture a behind the scenes look at the band while they're on tour.  There's an instant connection between Mel and Joss.  But, Mel has Tammy in her ear warning her to stay away from him.  Joss won't give up, because Mel sees him for who he truly his, beyond the music.  They are so hot together! But, keeping secrets can have devastating effects, sometimes for everyone closest to you. And both Mel and Joss have them.
"You are perfect to me. For me. With me.  You're meant to be mine."
This book sucked me in immediately and I couldn't put it down! All of the guys in the band are great in their own way, and I can't wait for their stories.  I highly recommend this book.

"I take his hand and hold it over my heart.  "Do you feel that?" I ask.  He nods, his breathing heavy and his hand trembling. "It needs you, Joss. I need you. Only you."
*Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
4.5/5 Fangs

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