Sunday, May 11, 2014

Count On Me by Melyssa Winchester

Count on Me
Isabelle Reagan is a high functioning autistic. She has been homeschooled until her mother thought it was time for her to attend high school.  She is used to people calling her names including retard. She is very good in math, writing and drawing. She used to be friends with her neighbor Kayden Walker until 8 yrs ago. Now, he is just a bully.

"For a long time I hated you, but not because of the names you called me. I hated you because when you left that day almost eight years ago and never came back, you broke my heart. You were my only friend and I wasn’t enough for you. "

Kayden Walker lives with his alcoholic brother. His mother left them a long time ago and he doesn't even remember his dead beat dad. He is a football star and loves to torture people at school. That is until he sees his best friend hurting Isabelle, the girl he used to care about. When she screams he can't look away and instead of driving away he saves her.

Soon Kayden can't seem to stay away from the one true friend he had growing up. Even if it means loosing the popularity he has.

“The first real memory I have, is one of the first times I was old enough to remember being at your house. We must have been about three, maybe four. I came and sat down beside you while you were playing and it’s like, even then, you knew I wasn’t anything special because you just ignored the hell out of me.” 

This is a powerful read. It touches 3 topics: autism, child abuse and bullying.
You will think that the hot guy's life, who is a bully, couldn't be any better.  Not the case at all. I feel sorry for him and the lack of love in his life.  He was surrounded by superficial relationships until he has Isabella and her family back in his life.

"Actions speak louder than words ever could, Kayden. If you’re really sorry, prove it."

It was sad to read about what Isabelle had to endure on a daily basis. In a way she was super strong. She forgave Kayden. It helped that she knew him before he became a bully.
As for Kayden, he completely redeems himself in my eyes. When Kayden loves, he loves deeply.

Very happy with the way things played out in this story.

“If Isabelle Reagan can take a guy like me and turn him into someone worthy of respect then it's mind blowing to think what she can do for the rest of the world. What we could do for it together. We might be able to change it.” 

4/5 Fangs


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