Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cut Too Deep by K.J. Bell

Hadley Walker had a very sad upbringing. She lost her parents early in life and was lost in the system. She was hurt in more ways than one. Now, she has finally found some stability. She has a steady job but not her dream job.  Her dream job is to be a dancer. She also has a crush on the CEO of the building she works at. If only she could be brave enough to talk to him.

Miller Giovanni Genetti has power and money.  What he's missing is love.  He does enjoy the game of cat and mouse with the skittish girl from the elevator. Everything changes when he is captured and the only communication which keeps him sane is the letters he received from Hadley.

Will there be a chance at something more once they are together again??

I was happily surprised with this book. Cut too Deep has a little bit of mystery, tons of romance and plenty of drama.

Hadley's character improved as the novel went along. She went from a shy girl with an awful past to a fighter, a survivor.  I do believe Miller's unconditional love is what makes her stronger.

Time to talk about Miller. What an awesome guy!
He was a sexy italian. He was funny, brave, alpha but without smothering the heroine.  He was in one word: Perfect. I love the letters and the bracelet.

Hadley's best friend Mac was the bomb. He was sweet and hilarious. I hope he gets his own HEA. He deserves his own book too.

Favorite Quotes:

"you’re a PIG"

"Allow yourself to feel. I won’t hurt you, and I would never intentionally cause you pain or suffering. I want to know why you hurt, and I want to take it all away. Please, don’t fear me. Let me in. Allow me to heal your heart and soul."

"The G-man sent me an Armani tux for tomorrow. This is going to be EPIC!"

“That is precisely why you shine, Love. One would never see the stars without the night sky. Without dark looming behind dusk, one can’t appreciate the sunset. "

"How do you know?
 Because I wouldn’t change for her.
 Would you, for me?
 Oh, Love. I already have."

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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