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Sick Day by Morgan Parker


"I believe that if someone says he loves you more than air, he's lying to you."

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Hope and Cameron made a five-year promise before college. Years pass and they never see each other again. But then one month before his planned wedding to Riley, Cameron looks outside and sees Hope in the pouring rain, watching him.
Now, three years later, Cam has one day – a sick day on this last Friday of summer – to convince the one woman whose very existence breaths life into his lungs, that sometimes love like theirs actually does exist, and it’s that kind of love that lives forever, no matter how hard you fight to forget about it and move on. From the author of non friction and Hope, Sick Day follows one man’s day-long attempt to persuade the love of his life that sometimes it’s okay to break promises if it means keeping the ones that count.

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This is a powerful story about a couple with a love so strong, they keep finding their way back to one another, regardless of how much time has passed.
Hope and Cameron met in high school and he made a promise that they would be together forever.  They ended up at different colleges and their goal was to meet up one year after.  But, Cameron, just disappeared from Hope's life after his first semester.  I still don't understand how he could just stop talking to her!  He felt a void without her in his life and ended up meeting someone else.  Seven years later, Hope, shows up in Chicago only to find that, Cameron, is engaged.  That doesn't stop their passion and love from being reignited though. 
Somehow, they lose touch again and it's several years before they're brought back together.  It's a crazy and fiery reoccurrence.  Cameron, is shocked when he runs into, Hope, once again years later in Chicago and discovers that she works in the same building as him.  He's now married and she's engaged, but that doesn't stop either one of them.  Their love is undeniable.  He convinces her to take a sick day, so he can prove to her they belong together.  It's his last chance before she moves to California with her fiancé.
"If we walk away, we leave everything.  And that's now how I want to live, Hope. I can't have two halves of one life.  One that belongs exclusively to you, and the other that belongs to the hope of replacing you.  I can't...I can't...exist without you."
While I found the story a little bit confusing in the beginning, I thought it unfolded in an interesting way.  The timeline switches from flashbacks of the past to the present.  This is the first book I've read from, Morgan Parker.  It can be read as a standalone, but I wish I had read his other books first, so I had more of a background on the characters and Our Story.  I really enjoyed Morgan's writing and look forward to reading his other books.  I highly recommend this one!
4/5 Fangs
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“Don’t make me go home tonight,” I begged.
When her eyes found mine again, she nodded. I didn’t know what it meant, though. Was she nodding because I had to go home, or did she want me to stick around?
“Talk to me,” I begged.
“I can’t,” she whispered. “If I talk, I’ll lose everything I came here for.”
When I opened my mouth and started to speak, she placed a finger over my lips to silence me.
Leaning forward, she brought her mouth to my ear, and in a broken whisper, she asked, “Take me back to the hotel. Love me. Remember me. And then tell me whether or not you exist for me.”
“I don’t need to make love to you to know that, Hope. All I need is to take a breath of you.”
“Then breathe me, all of me,” she begged. “In my hotel room.”
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Morgan Parker is the pen name of the shy and introverted banker that wrote Non Friction, the novel that fans and readers voted as the #1 Funniest, Sexiest Book of 2014 at goodreads. When he's not writing, Morgan likes to do lots of fun stuff. Like sleep and eat. He jogs every day, usually to Starbucks for his daily fix at the end of his lunch hour.




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