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The One Real Thing by Samantha Young

TitleThe One Real Thing
SeriesHart's Boardwalk #1
AuthorSamantha Young
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Release Date: September 6, 2016

Welcome to Hartwell, a quiet seaside escape where uncovering old secrets could lead one woman to discover the meaning of a love that lasts…

While Doctor Jessica Huntington engages with the inmates at the women’s correctional facility where she works, she’s always careful to avoid emotional attachments in her personal life. Loss and betrayal taught her that lesson long ago. But when she comes across a set of old love letters in the prison’s library and visits the picturesque town of Hartwell to deliver them to their intended recipient, she finds herself unable to resist the town’s charm—and her attraction to the sexy owner of a local bar proves equally hard to deny.

Since his divorce from his unfaithful ex-wife, Cooper Lawson has focused on what really matters: his family and the boardwalk pub they’ve owned for generations. But the first time Jessica steps into his bar, Cooper is beyond tempted to risk his heart on her. Yet as their attraction grows hotter and Jessica remains stubbornly closed off, he begins to realize it will take more than just passion to convince her there’s only one real thing in life worth fighting for….

“if you’re destined for true love, you’ll find it on the boardwalk.”

This book was adorable. Samantha Young has a perfect understanding of what a love story should be! 

From the first page, I knew I was going to like this book. It had a smart heroine and a handsome hero who had a heart of gold. 

When Jessica Huntington, the women's prison doctor, finds letters concealed in a book, she decides to read them. The letters are written by an inmate forty years ago. The woman was writing them to a man named George and explaining the reasons for leaving him and marrying someone else. In just a few letters, this woman put into words all her feelings for George. Jessica can't stop thinking about the heartache this couple had and she decides she wants to see George and give him the letters. After all, she has a vacation coming up and Hartwell sounds like a beautiful town to visit. Jessica soon discovers that the town is not the only thing which appeals to her, the owner of the bar is making her rethink her whole life.

“And for the first time in a very long time I wanted everything with a man.”

Cooper Lawson has learned from his past mistakes and he won't dismiss the feeling that he has a true connection with Jessica. He's attracted to her not only because she is beautiful and smart but because he can sense she is lonely and he wants to change that. He's determined to make her feel welcome and to make her smile more often. He also likes how she seems to fit just right in Hartwell. He hopes she will want to stay and be part of the town.

 “The piece of the puzzle that had been missing … he’d found it.”

After finishing this book, I was ready to pack my bags and move to this beautiful town of Hartwell. As someone who lives close to the beach and find it quite peaceful, I was able to relate to Jessica. She was lonely and she needed help from a few people to discover the truth. I love how she opened up to the town and their people. She was also able to help many without realizing it. I wasn't crazy about pushing Cooper away but I can forgive her.

“I’m in this for the long haul, Doc.”

Cooper was everything a leading man should be. He was gracious, funny, sweet but also opened up about his feelings and he was assertive. He knew what he wanted and was ready to fight for it. He had me constantly swooning.

you’ve made your mark. You made your mark on me.”

I'm super excited to read about the rest of the characters...there are so many I like and I want to see them happy stat!

 “The piece of the puzzle that had been missing … he’d found it.”

Cliffhanger: No

4.5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I am a huge Samantha Young fan, so I was obviously very excited to get my hands on this book! When I decided to start this book, I was in the mood for an adorable romance. Thankfully, this was the perfect book to hit the spot! The One Real Thing was a delightful read and a great way to start off this new series!

The setting of this book was such a charming town that I found myself getting lost in. I loved the people and the vibe of the town. I want to pack up my bags and move to Hartwell! Hartwell is the perfect example of a quaint and adorable town. The only "issue" I had with the town was that everyone in the town was gorgeous! It almost made me roll my eyes whenever a new character was introduced because they were always described as extremely attractive. 

Cooper was the perfect book boyfriend. I completely fell in love with him, and I know most readers will too. Cooper was romantic, warm, caring, and practically perfect. It was easy to see why Jessica fell for him! I thought Jessica was a likable main character. I was annoyed with some of the decisions she made, but I liked her overall. 

The romance in this book made me swoon so many times! Samantha Young knows how to write an amazing romance. 

Some parts of this book were a little slow. It was easy to see that this book was setting up a lot storylines for the future books in the series. Even though I understand that is necessary, I also thought that made of some of the chapters drag. 

Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable read! I am very excited to continue this series, and I would recommend this book to all romance fans!

4 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review. * 

Samantha Young never disappoints. She has this way of making me utterly adore her characters, so when I heard that she was writing a brand new series I jumped at the chance to read it. It was perfect timing for me because I was craving a feel good love story! 

When Dr. Jessica Huntington finds some letters hidden in a book in the women's correctional institute she works at they draw her to a seaside town, and little does she know she's about to run into Cooper Lawson. Not only does she run into the super sexy bar owner, but she seems to hit it off with everyone in the town and before she knows it she feels at home. 

Young didn't just make Jessica fall in love with this close knit seaside town, but she made me fall as well. There is such an alluring aspect to this story, with all the elements that come into play. The characters, boardwalk, and the beach just make everything so romantic! I was so enchanted by this book every step of the way, as the people of Hartwell say, “if you’re destined for true love, you’ll find it on the boardwalk.”

A fantastic and enthralling start to a brand new series for Young.

Now give me more! *grabby hands*

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review. * 

5/5 Fangs

This book! This book was SO amazing! I hate comparing books to other books or authors, but when I started this one it reminded me so much of a Nicholas Sparks novel. The spontaneity, the letters, the indecision… and then the small town. All components of a great Sparks novel. The more I got into the story, the more I couldn’t put it down.  

Dr. Jessica Huntington works as a doctor at a woman’s prison. When she finds old letters in a book she feels like she owes it to the writer to deliver the unsent letters. She uses her vacation to visit this small town and immediately makes friends. She even has caught the attention of a very hot, very single, bar owner. 


I love books that deal with fate and happenstance. When reading it’s almost magical to watch the love and affection between the characters. The intense connection that you can feel grow with every page was very evident in THE ONE REAL THING. 

Samantha Young’s writing left me intoxicated and dying for more. Jessica and Cooper’s story and the build up kept me turning pages as quickly as I could. 

One thing that really stuck out for me in this story was the community. Everyone had each other’s back… and they were all so close and connected. I love that aspect of small towns. I can’t wait to read the next book and fall back into love with this beautiful community. 


Samantha Young is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series, including Moonlight on Nightingale WayEchoes of Scotland Street, and Fall from India Place, as well as the standalone novel Hero. She resides in Scotland.

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