Friday, September 9, 2016

Peace of Infinity by Maegan Abel

Soul mates.

Two words that bring out a wide range of meanings, depending on who you’re asking.

According to Evangelie Walker, the women in her family are cursed. She’s watched this curse run rampant her entire life and she’s not about to fall into the trap. To protect herself, Evie keeps everyone at arm’s length, aside from her sister, Cara.

Things are a little different for Gavin Jericho. He’s spent his life waiting for Evie, just like he always does. He knows, without a doubt, she’ll appear at some point and the hollow ache he always feels during the wait will give way to the completeness she brings.

There are theories about soul mates ranging anywhere from romanticized fiction to scientific belief of one soul separated into two bodies. But is it a blessing or a curse to be so undeniably tied to another soul?

Can you find peace in your Infinity?

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